Garmin Enduro 2 Review, and Features

Garmin Enduro was announced in August 2022 and should not be mistaken for the original Enduro released in 2021. Both of them look similar but Enduro 2 has some features that are lacking in the Original Enduro, Features like downloadable maps make the new version better for adventure, races, and hiking. The Enduro 2 is one of the long-lasting fitness watches that is not costly. It is a world-class adventure and exercise watch with a superb battery life. According to Garmin, the battery lasts longer than a month when charged. Aside from its spectacular thoughness, and stamina, the Garmin Enduro 2 looks and runs like the Fenix 7 models. It offers excellent track accuracy, and useful metrics for exercise, and it offers encyclopedic features.

Enduro 2


The watch looks like the old Garmin trackers, Moreover, the watch is light, You could never guess that such a light watch like that can be comfortable on the wrist 24/7. Garmin Enduro does not have heavier stainless steel found in some other watches rather it has a polymer casing instead. It is also made of a nylon strap which is super comply. It has 10 ATM water resistance just like other Garmin watches. The screen of the watch appears made for people who want to be identical to Garmin Fenix 7x sapphire solar. This is a 1.4-inch transflective screen that is clear in bright sunlight and uses a front light. The screen resolution of the screen is 280 x 280, it has solar charging. It will be a pointless feature if daylight hours are restricted where you stay but will be good for trips somewhere else.

The smartwatch is almost identical to Fenix 7x in most aspects, The watch has a neat embedded LED light strip that is at the top of the watch shell. The watch is made for users who want their watch to last for long when fully charged. It is rated for 34 days when in smartwatch mode or 46 days when used somewhere that will let it use a lot of solar energy. It does the light, everything in between, and heavy stuff. After six days of being used the Battery of the watch dropped from 100% to 65% this means the Battery life should be ok with the users.


Enduro 2

The Enduro 2 has some high-end features with 32 GB, Half of the storage is already used in the review sample the reason being that it has a map covering the European continent preinstalled. The rest of the space is used to download more maps for free and to load the watch with podcasts and music. The watch has a tactical mode that shows you coordinates for the map as well as location, and a golf training tempo. It also has a Garmin coaching feature which can suggest a workout anytime.

The Multiband GPS slightly drains battery because it’s going to lead to a more reliable environment where getting a signal is hard When you are surrounded by skyscrapers. One of the most important aspects is that the latest Garmin software can automatically switch on modes based on when the multi-band is needed or not. Heart rate readings are good too, with results close to Apple watch series 8 or chest strap


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