Garmin Instinct 2S Review, and Features

Garmin Instinct 2S is a fitness tracker with solar charging, good features, and a rugged design. If you are an athlete, or avid runner, who loves adventure, and outdoor activities, then the Instinct 2s should be a match for you. The Instinct 2s is new in the Garmin family with rugged features worth talking about. The most interesting addition is the solar charger, as long as you are under sunlight, you don’t need a charger. The watch has a rugged and masculine look, location location-tracking features, and heaps of health. It is a smartwatch you can depend on to deliver your alerts and notifications when you are out, and during training sessions. You can sync your data with the Garmin Connect app on iPhone and Android to take an in-depth look at all your health metrics and training sessions.

Garmin Instinct 2s


The Instinct 2 solar was launched on the 9th of February 2022, for the solar model. The 2nd generation of instinct smartwatches from Garmin comes in a large selection of colors. The face has a monochrome memory in pixel display and inside it, you will find a little circular block displaying relevant information as you maneuver around the menu of the watch. The watch has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. The screen uses less power than an AMOLED display which is what most when you are on a long stand-up paddle boarding trail run, it is an activity the sports watch can track. It has a three-button but it does not feature a touchscreen. The touchscreen may help in navigating maps better but it just takes speedy with the buttons to overcome this and get more familiar.

What impressed me the most was how the GPS was attained when pressing the record before an activity. No one will like prolonging their warm-up or starting their race without GPS tracking. I decided to take it out on a 5k run while tracking the same run with my other wrist using a Polar device. This is my usual 5k route which I have measured runs countless times and the instinct watch did not disappoint in terms of accuracy. The setup of the watch allows you to pick the activities that you use most frequently.


Garmin Instinct 2s

People who enjoy more traditional activities, such as cycling, swimming, and running will be the ones to benefit the most from Instinct 2s and this is standard for Garmin fitness trackers. It is also good for tracking your heart rate and all its zones as you train. The smartwatch is a good option for beginners who need to be coached for their training. Another needful feature is the ability to view your training effect. this helps in telling if your workout is more anaerobic or aerobic. I am sure some people will tend to underestimate the recovery time feature, but the watch will analyze and monitor your training and factor it into your suggested recovery times.
The Instinct 2s won’t allow you to play music offline, but you can use the watch to control music on your phone. The Garmin Connect app allows you to create your route.


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