Garmin Approach S62 review, and features

Garmin Approach S62 is one of the best smartwatches for Avid golfers. It is a tracker that has legible course maps and has adequate battery life. The watch offers a sharper appearance lengthier battery life than its S60 predecessor, and a large screen. It also supports a virtual caddie feature that offers short tips based on your past rounds and club suggestions. While the updates seem to be nice on paper, we use the link to see how golfers with more than 20 years of experience using GPS watches, have also testified to the goodness of the GarmiGarmin Approach S62

The approach S62 gives a more complete overview of the hole ahead of each tee box, letting you know how far you stood from hazardous things or green so you can plan your shots accordingly. Seeing the nature of the hole on your wrist and hazard is helpful when you play unfamiliar courses. Garmin Approach S62 works hand in hand with the Garmin Golf app (Android, iOS) to provide information for more than 41,000 courses worldwide. in real life. Garmin autoshot shot tracking function automatically records your long short although you will have to enter putts manually and chips. In real-time comparison with a rangefinder, I found the Approach S62 reading precisely on par. The smartwatch will give you a complete view of the hole ahead at each tee box, letting you know how far you stood from the green or hazards so you can plan your shorts accordingly.



Seeing the nature of the geography and hazards on your wrist will be helpful when you play unfamiliar courses too. Garmin autoshot shot tracking function automatically records your long shot although you will have to putts manually or chips. You have to get Garmin’s CT10 sensor if you would like Garmin to identify the club you’re playing without manual input or Golf track your short game. The CT10 system can help save you a few steps when using Approach S62 and provides analysis to every one of your clubs. Virtual caddie can also provide club insight to an extent that is close to Garmin’s approach S62.


The Virtual caddie helps in collecting data and offers which club you should play on your handicap, hazard, elevation changes, local wind speed, and average short distance. I’m not the type that relies on technology but the Caddie impressed me by suggesting the same club I pulled from my bag before checking my wrist. However, it’s not assured to improve your golf game because the insight provided by virtual caddie doesn’t feel gimmicky and you might benefit from it if you tend to experiment with your club choices.

If you’re a beginner depending on the virtual caddie could help in robbing you of the decision-making experience. I don’t normally wear my Approach S20 during my weight lifting, or cycling because it’s not well equipped for exercise. Approach S62 on the other hand offers most of the fitness features that you would like for your exercise.

Garmin Approach S62

Approach S62 can track running, skiing, cycling, rock climbing, and so many other indoor activities. The smartwatch is waterproof and it can also record your swim. As an athlete I’ve never been motivated by fitness tracking, but the fact that my golf watch doubles as a workout wearable is starting to make me love the watch the most. I also tried sleep tracking because the Garmin watch can record my respiration data and sleep cycles. when you’re not exercising, sleeping or golfing the Garmin Approach S62 will be more suitable for you. Android users can reject calls, and respond to text easily from the Approach S62 watch.


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