Apple Watch SE Review and Rumour

Apple Watch

Apple in whole as a company is one of the most successful companies in the world. They are known for the production of Mobile phones, Watches, Laptops, TVs, and many other Electronic devices. Today we want to focus only on the Watches. Most Apple watches operate in conjunction with iPhone users for functions such as syncing data and configuring the watch with iPhone apps, It can also connect with a Wi-Fi network for some data purposes including audio streaming and basic communications. LTE models can connect to a mobile network for texting, calling, and installed mobile app data use. It substantially reduces the need for an iPhone after initial configuration or setup. Thus the paired iPhone needs to be close to the watch for making calls and the paired iPhone must be connected to a cellular data network as well.


Apple watch was first released in 2015 and became the best-selling wearable device. As of December 2020, it was estimated that over 100 million people were using Apple watches. Apple used to introduce a new generation of watches called “series” every September with certain expectations.

Apple Watch comes with a band to attach to the user’s wrist, The band can be changed by holding down the connector on the button of the watch and sliding the piece out. Apple watch models are divided into five different collections, Apple Watch (first generation present), Apple Watch Sport (first generation), Apple Watch Hermes (first generation series 5, series 6 present), Apple Watch Nike+ (Series 2 Present), and Apple watch edition (first generation series 3, series 5, series 6 present). They are differentiated by a combination of bands, cases, and exclusive watch faces, Apple watches come with either Stainless steel or Aluminium cases.


Apple Watch

Apple watch is charged using inductive charging, Apple rates the device battery for 18 hours of mixed usage, If the device battery depletes to ten percent, the user is alerted and offered to enable a “power reserve mode” which allows the user to read for an additional 72 hours while other features are disabled.

Apple watch SE Features

You can see more at a glance in the Apple Watch SE compared to series 6 because the Apple Watch SE has the same larger display size Retina display as series 6. It combines elements of the series 6 design with the most essential features of the Apple watch. It has advanced sensors to track your fitness and workout goals, and advanced features to keep safe and healthy. The sleep app helps track your sleep and helps you set a bed routine. The smartwatch can withstand up to 50m of water and notify about low and high heart rates and irregular heart rhythms.

Appl watch SE
Apple Watch SE has GPS and Cellular models that allow you to text, call, and get directions without your Mobile phone. Apple Watch SE also has fall detection and emergency international calling, the device can also help in times of emergency.


It Measures workouts like cycling, running, walking, swimming, yoga, walking and many more. Low and High rate notifications and irregular heart rhythm notifications, audiobooks, sync, stream music, and podcasts. The speaker and microphone are both the same as the first-generation model. The back case is made of plastic composite, The smartwatch is available in aluminium with 44mm or 40mm cases in Gold, space gray, and silver


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