What is a Viator Travel Agent?


Viator is the world’s leading online marketplace for local guided tours and activities. As a travel company owned by Tripadvisor, Viator offers thousands of experiences in over 1,000 destinations worldwide that allow people to immerse themselves in local culture through authentic activities led by expert local guides.


While customers can book experiences directly through the Viator website, mobile app, or call center, the company also supports a network of independent travel agents. Known as Viator Travel Agents, these professionals are empowered to curate itineraries, provide personalized recommendations, and process tour and activity bookings on behalf of customers.

Becoming a Viator Travel Agent allows individuals interested in the travel industry to launch or expand their own travel business from home. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity and how to join the Viator affiliate program.

The Benefits of Being a Viator Travel Agent

Working as an independent contractor with Viator offers a number of advantages for aspiring and experienced travel professionals alike:

  • Flexible Work Schedule – Run your travel business from anywhere on a schedule that works for your lifestyle. No fixed hours or office required.
  • Low Startup Costs – Viator provides the tools, technology, customer support, and marketing needed to be successful. No need to invest heavily in overhead.
  • Passive Income Potential – Continue earning commissions on bookings made years ago as repeat customers book tours through your agent links.
  • Global Commissions – Get paid commissions on tour and activity bookings made for destinations around the world. Expand your earning potential.
  • Training & Support – Benefit from ongoing webinars, resources, and assistance from the Viator team to maximize your skills and business growth.
  • Valuable Experience – Develop new skills in online marketing, customer service, and travel consulting that translate well to other opportunities.
  • Home Business Independence – Be your own boss and set your own pace while enjoying the flexibility and fulfillment of self-employment.
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The earning potential of a Viator travel agent role depends on business size and work ethic. However, many professional home-based agents achieve five-figure annual incomes supplementing other work or serving as a full-time career.

Steps to Becoming a Viator Travel Agent

Here’s an overview of the application and onboarding process to officially join the Viator affiliate program:

  1. Apply Online – Submit an interest form on the Viator Partners website providing basic personal and professional details.
  2. Interview – Qualified applicants will participate in a brief video interview reviewing their motivations, qualifications, and business goals.
  3. Acceptance – If selected, the next step is signing the independent contractor agreement and non-disclosure documents.
  4. Training – New agents complete the online Viator University modules at their own pace covering the platform, products, sales techniques, and more.
  5. Launch Business – With training complete, partners are provided personal affiliate links and given access to robust marketing and reporting tools.
  6. Ongoing Support – Regular webinars, online assistance, and a partner community forum help troubleshoot issues and optimize the business long-term.

To qualify, Viator prefers candidates with at least two years of experience in sales, hospitality, or the travel industry. Proficiency in multiple languages is valued. A passion for travel and customer service is essential.


The Application Process

When submitting an application, here are some key tips to maximize your chances of acceptance:

  • List all relevant work history, even if not directly in travel. Customer service skills transfer well.
  • Emphasize any tourism-related education, certifications, or professional designations earned.
  • Clearly articulate what motivates your interest in becoming a home-based travel agent. Demonstrate enthusiasm for travel.
  • Highlight languages spoken fluently beyond English to target international customers.
  • Outline ideas for a unique niche and professional website/social media presence to engage clients.
  • Provide positive references from previous employers able to validate your attributes.
  • Schedule your video interview when well-rested to articulate ideas clearly and confidently. Practice common questions.
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While the application is competitive, staying motivated and thoroughly showcasing your qualifications through a polished personal brand strengthens any submission. Acceptance allows realizing the dream of independence through the travel affiliate opportunity.

Building Your Travel Agent Business

Upon approval, taking the initiative to launch and efficiently operate a successful Viator travel agency requires steady progress in key areas. Beyond training, focus on:

Website Development

Use the Viator co-branded templates or outsource the professional design of an attractive website optimized for travel bookings on any device.

Content Marketing

Publish a blog, social media profiles, and engaging multimedia introducing tour options. Develop an email list to nurture prospective customers.

Branding & Promotion
Create high-quality graphics, ads, and promotions tailored across online/offline channels to attract referral partners and direct bookings.

Customer Service

Respond rapidly to inquiries with knowledgeable, polite service cementing loyal repeat clients and positive reviews. Address issues privately.

Accounting & Taxes
Maintain financial records separately for tax reporting requirements as an independent contractor annually. Contact an accountant as needed.

Reporting & Optimizing

Regularly analyze business analytics and competitor intel to refine strategies, identify conversion bottlenecks, and scale profitable initiatives.

Partnerships & Education

Remain connected in local travel meetups and pursue additional credentials expanding specialized expertise and referral sources.

Work-Life Balance

Schedule personal time attentively to avoid burnout despite independence. Pursue passions recharging creativity for serving varied client profiles effectively.

Steady Growth

With patience and commitment, home-based Viator agents realize stable incomes through active promotion, quality customer care, and optimization of online visibility over time. Passive earnings potential grows significantly for devoted partners.

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Is a Viator Travel Agent Career Right For You?

While independence and location-flexibility appeal, this opportunity requires self-motivation, a tenacious work ethic, and adaptable mindset to:

  • Strategically market services amid intense online competition
  • Continually upgrade skills through education keeping expertise current
  • Balance obligations of independent contracting with personal life
  • Tolerate unpredictability and risks as the travel industry inevitably changes
  • Persist through inevitable hurdles that come with any entrepreneurial endeavor

Those wanting a predictable 9-5 schedule may find inconsistent commission-based earnings stressful initially. However, travelers with strong customer service values and an entrepreneurial spirit can absolutely build fulfilling, financially rewarding lifestyles through the Viator travel agent program with focused effort over time.

Overall, partnering with Viator opens doors internationally for qualified, motivated individuals to independently operate a home-based travel consulting business. Success depends on passion, diligence, and leveraging all resources provided to best serve clients and grow a sustainable travel affiliate venture.


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