Understanding Seven Corners Travel Insurance


When venturing abroad, the risk of unexpected illness, injury, or lost luggage can potentially derail an entire vacation. To help protect the substantial investment travel represents, many experts recommend purchasing a comprehensive travel protection plan.


As a globally trusted provider, Seven Corners offers affordable insurance options meeting diverse traveler needs. This guide examines key Seven Corners coverages, policy details, and claims processes to empower selecting the optimal international health, trip cancellation, and emergency evacuation protection.

Background on Seven Corners

Founded in 1993, Seven Corners pioneered medical evacuation services and now specializes exclusively in global travel insurance. Headquartered in Indianapolis with additional offices worldwide, they serve millions of international travelers annually.

Seven Corners holds an “A-” rating from A.M. Best, validating financial stability to pay legitimate claims. Expert teams 24/7/365 include doctors, nurses, and other personnel dedicated to fast responses during medical emergencies abroad.


Multiple membership organizations also rely solely on Seven Corners plans as approved providers, including SABRE for travel agents and most iNext for tour operators. This underscores their reputation for outstanding customer care and claim resolution when crises arise mid-trip.

Insurance Options at Seven Corners

A wide range of affordable international travel medical and protection plans cover leisure, business, and mission trips to most worldwide locations. Coverage levels may be customized based on specific needs and budgets:

  • America, Explorer, Globetrotter, and Patriot Plans – Popular choices offering combinations of trip cancellation, medical evacuation, and coverage abroad. Suit most short-term vacations from one day to 18 months of continuous travel.
  • Long-term Multi-trip Annual Plans – For residing or frequently traveling outside your home country for more than 6 months annually, with per-trip limits of up to 180 days each.
  • MissionTrip & Journey – Comprehensive coverage suitable for longer volunteer trips, work abroad, extended residence/study programs, or missionary work terms.
  • Sports Tour – Insures competitive amateur or pro athletes for injuries mid-event or training worldwide.
  • Accident-only Plans – Minimal basic option just covering accidental injuries versus full medical coverage.
  • VisitorCare – Low-cost short-term option for international guests/students visiting the U.S.
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Easy online quoting ensures finding the right plan for any trip specifics. Policies may also extend coverage for spouses/partners and dependent children.


International Medical Coverage

As a primary determinant of adequate protection, Seven Corners medical plans feature:

  • Network access to over 1 million provider locations globally for quality, lower-cost non-emergency treatment direct billing convenience
  • Unlimited emergency room and doctor visit benefits for acute/life-threatening illnesses/injuries
  • Hospitalization/intensive care unit coverage for extended treatments, surgeries, and complications
  • Prescription reimbursement when needed abroad
  • Mental health benefits like therapy sessions

-Coverage for maternity issues arising during trips

  • Options increasing coverage limits from $50,000 to over $2,000,000 per person
  • Minimal or no exclusions for pre-existing conditions in qualifying plans

Having peace of mind for affordable world-class care mitigates risks when far from home. Deductibles start at $0 and co-pays help stretch benefits further for value.

Extra Coverage Components

Beyond core international medical protections, Seven Corners plans also cover:

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption – Reimbursement for unused, non-refundable trip deposits/payments if canceling a trip due to covered reasons like severe weather, injury, or illness to you or a family member or events rendering a destination uninhabitable.
  • Trip Delay – Compensation for necessary additional meals and lodging if common carrier delays cause missing part of a trip schedule including natural disasters, mechanical breakdowns, or labor strikes.
  • Lost Checked Luggage – Costs to replace lost bags if the airline does not compensate within set timelines including necessary toiletries and clothing purchases while awaiting luggage return.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation – Arrangement and payment of a medical transport back to your home residence or hospital system for continued treatments if unable to receive adequate care locally due to emergency medical conditions, political unrest, or natural disasters.
  • Emergency Medical Reunion – Roundtrip economy airfare for a companion/dependent joining you for extended hospital stays.
  • Return of Minor Children – Economy fares or attendants to safely transport unaccompanied minors if the parent/guardian is incapacitated, hospitalized abroad, or deceased.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment – Financial compensation if sustaining entirely losing a limb, eyesight, speech, or suffering an accidental death during the scheduled trip duration.
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Choosing Your Plan Details

Based on trip specifics like destination(s), duration, travel style, and budget, use Seven Corners online quoting process to find options that fit your needs. Key policy variables deciding costs include:

  • Age and medical history – Younger applicants see lower rates while conditions often lead to rated-up premiums
  • Trip length – Longer excursions warrant higher premiums whereas shorter leisure vacations qualify for cheaper plans
  • Areas of travel – Rates fluctuate based on countries/regions visited and their associated medical risks
  • Coverage levels – Balancing deductibles, per-injury benefit limits and maximums impacts affordability
  • Coverage effective and expiration dates – Prices adjust based clear timeline for protection
  • Number of travelers – Family/group plans offer multi-traveler discounts at attractive per-person costs

Always consider optional add-ons enhancing standard coverage or waiving exclusions when high-risk activities are planned. A quick quote helps grasp key out-of-pocket costs for informed buying decisions.

Filing a Claim with Seven Corners

In the unfortunate circumstance that an insurance-eligible event does occur requiring a claim, Seven Corners strives for ease and efficiency in reimbursement.

The initial steps are:

  • Contact the claims department within 90 days of an incident by phone, email, or submitting an electronic claim form found online
  • Compile all related medical records/bills, receipts, proof of other losses, and completed paperwork signed by the treating doctor
  • Provide detailed circumstances in an incident report and convey ongoing needs during recovery
  • Submit copies of the insurance policy identification page for verification of benefits

Seven Corners then processes paperwork while keeping the policyholder updated on the status. Requests for additional documentation are common until satisfactory resolution is achieved, often within 30 business days.

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Payments get issued directly to the provider, policyholder, or beneficiary. For ongoing assistance during medical emergencies abroad, Seven Corners facilitates appointment scheduling too.

Plus, claims representatives handle every aspect of emergency evacuation arrangements through their global networks when needed most. No out-of-pocket costs are incurred accessing this highly valuable service.

In appreciation for ensuring health along journeys, Seven Corners aims to relieve stresses from accidental losses through an accessible, transparent claims experience without hassle.

Additional Protection Tips

To maximize safety nets with a Seven Corners travel insurance plan, also consider:

  • Registering trips confidentially through their TravelSafe portal allows emergency contacts direct updates on your itineraries and situations
  • Downloading the Seven Corners mobile app for on-the-go claims submissions, provider location assistance, and quick policy reference
  • Signing up for AI-based travel health advisories, SMS alerts, and travel security notifications on potential issues at destinations
  • Packing key documents like the insurance policy and coverage verification cards along with trips for immediate confirmation of benefits anywhere in the world
  • Calling the 24/7 assistance team for any medical or security questions that may arise during travel for their expert advice
  • Enrolling in a global SOS program adds a layer of worldwide emergency response services and travel assistance

Arming yourself with the right protection elevates peace of mind when breaking away on adventures abroad. Rely on Seven Corners for dependable service, value, and financial safeguards against uncertainties potentially derailing life’s enriching travel experiences.


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