Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals 2024


Established in 1945, the Swedish Institute (SI) acts as Sweden’s international cultural relations and development cooperation agency. Its prestigious scholarship program aims to build understanding between nations and empower future leaders.

Eligibility and Awards

Open to students and professionals worldwide, SI scholarships support full degree programs in Sweden. Awards cover tuition, monthly stipend, travel, and insurance. Fields of particular interest include education, journalism, social sciences, and sustainable development.


Application Process

After finding an eligible Swedish university program, applicants submit their resumes, statement of purpose, and reference letters. Academics, work experience, and commitment to bilateral relations are considered. Interviews may be conducted.

Life in Sweden

With over 50 universities to choose from, scholars enjoy world-class education amid scenic settings. Beyond academics, they participate in enriching co-curricular activities, networking events, and internships that broaden perspectives.

Global Impact

Scholars join an influential network of Swedish Institute alumni in leadership roles worldwide. Many go on to forge enduring partnerships between their home countries and Sweden. Their contributions embody SI’s mission of fostering openness, cultural exchange, and international understanding.


By cultivating socially conscious leaders dedicated to global cooperation, the SI scholarship transforms individuals and societies on an international scale through education, experience, and lifelong connections.

How can being a Swedish Institute Scholar contribute to someone’s career in journalism?

Here are some ways being a Swedish Institute Scholar could contribute to someone’s career in journalism:

  • Experience in neutral, transparent press systems of Swedish media/broadcasters to develop high ethical standards.
  • Insights into Swedish social systems of equality, sustainability, and democracy are valuable for reporting on similar policies worldwide.
  • Networking with SVT, SR, TT, etc. alumni can open doors to editorial roles, and freelancing opportunities at Scandinavian outlets.
  • Immersive internships at international news agencies like TT give hands-on skills like foreign correspondence, and photo/video journalism.
  • Interdisciplinary perspectives studying fields like development, politics, and economics alongside journalism broaden stories.
  • Cultural exchange activities provide story ideas on Nordic social policies, and innovations India/Asia can learn from.
  • Strong command of Swedish and English expands candidate pools for reporting roles covering bilateral relations.
  • The award gives prestigious credentials to stand out for placements at reputed global news organizations.
  • Long-term alumni network across industries/nations facilitates meaningful sources, and story collaboration options.
  • Global mindset and networks cultivated are highly valued assets for 21st-century journalists.
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Being an SI Scholar thus amplifies career mobility within the international news sphere through rich experiences in Sweden.


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