Paving the Way for Global Education in Northern Finland


Located in the dynamic city of Oulu, the University of Oulu is a leading educational and research institution in northern Europe. Its International Scholarship program plays a key role in fostering diversity on campus.

Eligibility and Awards

Students of all nationalities can apply if admitted to an eligible full-degree program at the University of Oulu. Degree levels include Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral studies. Scholarships worth €12,000-€24,000 are rewarded annually based on merit. Tuition fees are also waived.


Application Process

Applicants submit one combined online application for both university admission and scholarships by mid-January. A motivation letter, CV, transcripts, and language certificates are required. The selection emphasizes academic excellence, research potential, and extracurricular contributions. Results will be announced by the end of April.

Living in Oulu

Finland’s seventh-largest city, Oulu enjoys lively cultural offerings and close proximity to nature. Scholarship recipients receive a mentor and support integrating into student life. Housing assistance and guidance on settling in are also provided.

Building the Future

By attracting highly talented international students and researchers, the University of Oulu Scholarships promote the internationalization of higher education. Scholars contribute new perspectives to their field while gaining cross-cultural competencies that accelerate their careers in an increasingly globalized world. The program empowers all recipients to leverage their education for global good.

With its holistic backing of scholars, the University of Oulu enables a premium international learning experience in northern Finland’s dynamic environment for innovation and progress.


Here are some of the eligible full-degree programs offered at the University of Oulu that students can apply for under the University of Oulu International Scholarships:

  • Engineering programs like Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Software Engineering, Biosystems Engineering, etc.
  • Science programs such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Environmental Science, etc.
  • Medical and Health Sciences programs including Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Biotechnology, Neuroscience, etc.
  • Business and Economics programs like Business Administration, Accounting, Logistics, International Business, etc.
  • Technology programs like Information Technology, Computer Science, Communication Engineering, Arctic Technology, etc.
  • Psychology, Education, and Social Sciences programs.
  • Architecture, Design, and Art programs.
  • Master of Laws (LLM) in International and Comparative Law.
  • Multi-disciplinary programs including Arctic Circles, Arctic Space and Place, Sustainability Science etc.
  • Most Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs are offered by individual faculties and departments.

The degree must be a full-time on-campus program officially instructed in English and lead to a University of Oulu degree qualification. Eligible programs are listed on the university website.


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