Getting Personal Insurance Quotes from TD Insurance


When it’s time to shop for a new car, home, travel, or life insurance policy, TD Insurance is an excellent company to consider. As one of Canada’s largest insurers, TD offers extremely competitive rates across various personal insurance products.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the process of getting personalized quotes from TD Insurance. We’ll cover the types of policies available, factors impacting rates, and tips for comparing options. By the end, you’ll have the insights needed to utilize TD’s online quote tools effectively and choose coverage tailored to your needs.

Types of Insurance Available from TD

TD Insurance provides a wide range of personal insurance solutions for Canadians, including:

  • Car Insurance – Comprehensive coverage for bodily injury, property damage, uninsured motorist protection, and more.
  • Home Insurance – Protection for your home, belongings, and liability risks like fire, theft, and personal liability claims.
  • Condo Insurance – Similar to home insurance but tailored specifically for condo/strata properties.
  • Renters Insurance – Covers your personal belongings and liabilities if residing in leased properties.
  • Travel Medical Insurance – Emergency medical coverage while traveling within or outside of Canada.
  • Life Insurance – Term life, whole life, and critical illness plans to financially protect loved ones.
  • Bankruptcy Insurance – Pays credit card and loan bills if a client declares bankruptcy for covered reasons.
  • Identity Theft Insurance – Helps restore your credit and reimburse unauthorized transactions due to identity theft.
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Getting Started with Online Quotes

The easiest first step is accessing TD’s online quote forms available 24/7. Just go to and click “Get a Quote.”


Auto and home insurance quotes require basic details like your contact info, address, and vehicle/property descriptions. The site pre-fills what it knows like your TD banking info to simplify inputs.

Within minutes, you’ll see preliminary rates allowing quick plan comparisons. More customized options become available after answering additional questions. You can save or print quote estimates for later review.

Factors Impacting Rates

Many elements influence your insurance costs with TD, including:

  • Driving record – Violations/accidents impact auto rates, while home claims history affects property premiums.
  • Credit score – Higher scores tend to qualify for lower auto and home insurance rates.
  • Garage address – Location affects theft risks analyzed through crime statistics.
  • Vehicle usage – Personal use costs less than daily commuting which sees higher exposure.
  • Home security – Alarm systems and fire prevention features positively influence home rates.
  • Policy history length – Longer continuous coverage with any insurer often lowers premiums.
  • Multi-product discounts – Bundling auto, home, and other eligible policies together saves 10-25%.

But TD also considers individual circumstances, so accurate quotes require pertinent details for customized rate calculations. Be sure estimates match your specific needs and coverage amounts.

Comparing Insurance Options

Once an initial quote portfolio is established, compare plans across:

  • Premium costs vs. your targeted budget
  • Deductible amounts that impact out-of-pocket costs if claiming
  • Coverage limits and inclusions matching your risks and asset values
  • Available upgrades or adjustments like higher liability protection
  • Annual payment plans vs. monthly installments
  • Discounts that may qualify your situation like having multiple policies
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Request multiple quotes for direct apples-to-apples assessment. Ask clarifying questions through TD’s online chat or by phone if needed.

Binding Your Policy

When ready to purchase coverage, TD streamlines the process:

  • Select your desired policy and submit the formal application
  • Provide any necessary underwriting details like vehicle titles upon request
  • Select your preferred payment type (credit card, pre-authorized payments, etc)
  • Review and sign the policy contract digitally or submit by mail/fax
  • Receive confirmation documents of your new active protection plan

Securing policies through TD’s online portal generally binds protection immediately. You can speak with an insurance agent too for personalized assistance in finalizing details over the phone.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for TD Insurance customers:

  • Gather all relevant asset records in one location for quick quoting access
  • Set calendar alerts as policies renew to promptly shop competitive offers
  • Maintain responsible finances and a clean driving record between renewals
  • Sign up for direct deposit claim reimbursements for expedited payouts
  • Consider value-added options like key fob replacement coverage
  • Check eligibility for the safe driver or claims-free discounts at each term

With diligent planning and research leveraging TD’s online tools, you can feel confident fitting the right blend of coverage for your unique needs at affordable rates. Their focus on customer care brings additional peace of mind.

Filing an Insurance Claim

While no one hopes to claim, knowing the process prepares you just in case:

  • Contact the claims center by phone or submit an online report within 30 days of an incident
  • Provide your policy details, incident description, and necessary supporting documents
  • Expect updates as the claim undergoes timely assessment by an experienced representative
  • Negotiate additional payments if not fully satisfied once the review is complete
  • Accept electronic reimbursements, checks or use claim credits on future premiums
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TD strives to handle claims compassionately and efficiently. Comprehensive coverage helps make life’s uncertainties feel less stressful financially and emotionally.

In Summary

By learning about TD Insurance’s products and quoting process, you’re equipped to make informed decisions for your personal insurance needs. Their focus on affordability, simplicity, and excellent customer service delivers value at every step.

Whether insuring your auto, home, identity, or travel plans, TD’s online tools put the power to compare options and securely bind coverage right in your hands. Feel confident having the right protection delivered by a trusted Canadian provider.


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