Garmin Venu 2 Review and Rumour

Garmin Venu 2 is among the best sports watches in the world combining an excellent range of smartwatch tools for everyday life and serious fitness features. Garmin Venu 2 is suitable for both general wear and workouts which is balanced to strike. It has a bright resolution display which puts a wealth of information about your training and overall well-being right on your wrist and allows you to see a huge amount of data at once.

Venu 2 allows you to create a routine in the Garmin Connect app and download it for the watch for easy access. Venu 2 has an inbuilt GPS, even if you are not a runner, you can use it for a long walk with your pup. It is highly accurate which is also a benefit for anyone willing to track their workouts. It has a built-in personal coach which is free when you buy the watch, which also makes it suitable for aspiring marathoners.


Garmin Venu 2 is made with fitness features that will help you understand more about what is going on inside your body and advanced health monitoring features. Just like many other wearables Garmin Venu 2 puts a heavy emphasis on wellness, with all day running battery score reminding you to take good care of your mental health and a heavy emphasis on wellness. You can also log water intake on your Garmin Venu 2 to see your daily steps, monitor your sleep pattern, Calories burned, and, Stairs climbed.

Garmin venu


Venu 2 users also benefit from split recording, auto pause, and elevation tracking courtesy of the onboard altimeter when they are out training. It is not as advanced as Forerunner 995 or Fenix 7 which offer live navigation and more tools for managing training. Swimmers will enjoy underwater heart rate monitoring, pool metrics, and stroke-type detection.

The two different types of Garmin Venu 2

The normal Venu 2 has a 44 mm case and 33 mm display while the smaller Venu 2s has a 40mm case and 27.9 mm display. The normal Venu 2 (44 mm version) is available in two colorways, granite blue with a matching case, and slate with a black case, while the Venu 2s comes in four colors, white with a rose gold bezel, mist gray with a silver bezel, graphite with a slate bezel, and light sand with a light gold bezel. They both have a silver-coloured stainless steel bezel.

The device is controlled via a touchscreen and two physical buttons on the right-hand edge, The upper right is sensitive with icons appearing on the screen to show that a certain action will perform at a particular time, while the lower screen serves as a back button. The watch is set to low brightness by default setting, The brightness can also be turned higher if you wish.


Garmin venu

Garmin Venu 2 Features

Garmin Venu 2 is also capable of playing music from Apps that are third-party like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer. You can also use the device to download songs if you wish, but before that, you need to connect your Mobile phone to a Wi-Fi network in Garmin Connect, You can also your Venu 2 to control music playing on your Mobile phone with options to pause/play the current track playing, Unlike other watches the display can show the track name and artiste, You can use the watch to control Playbacks of Youtube on your phone. There are also some features on the watch which include the ability to create challenges with friends, set up emergency contact, and participate in community challenges 






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