Fitbit Luxe 3 Release Date, Rumors, and Price


Introduction: The Fitbit Luxe 3 has been generating significant buzz and anticipation in the health and fitness community. As of now, Fitbit has not announced an official release date or price for the Fitbit Luxe 3. However, there are several rumors circulating about its potential features and speculated launch windows. 


In this comprehensive overview, we will explore the rumored release date, delve into the intriguing rumors surrounding the Luxe 3’s enhancements, and discuss the anticipated price range. While the information is based on rumors and speculation, it offers valuable insights into what we might expect from the Fitbit Luxe 3.

Release Date: 

While an exact release date for the Fitbit Luxe 3 has not been confirmed, there are rumors suggesting that it could hit the market in the fall of 2023. Fitbit typically follows an annual release cycle for its devices, but it’s essential to note that this information is speculative and subject to change until an official announcement is made.


  • Larger Screen: One of the exciting rumors surrounding the Fitbit Luxe 3 is that it will feature a larger screen compared to its predecessor. A larger display would enhance the user experience and provide more space for information and navigation.
  • Extended Battery Life: It is rumored that the Luxe 3 will offer a longer battery life, enabling users to track their activities and monitor their health without the need for frequent recharging. More extended battery life would be a significant improvement for users who value continuous tracking throughout the day.
  • Advanced Health Tracking Features: The Luxe 3 is speculated to introduce new health tracking capabilities, such as ECG (electrocardiogram) and skin temperature monitoring. These features would provide users with more comprehensive insights into their cardiovascular health and allow for early detection of potential abnormalities.
  • Premium Design: Another rumor suggests that the Fitbit Luxe 3 will boast a more premium design, potentially incorporating high-quality materials and refined aesthetics. This would enhance the device’s appeal and position it as a stylish accessory for everyday wear.
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While Fitbit has not revealed the official price for the Luxe 3, it is expected to be priced similarly to its predecessor, the original Fitbit Luxe. The original Luxe was released at $149, and it is reasonable to assume that the Luxe 3 will fall within a similar price range. However, it is important to note that pricing is subject to change and will be confirmed upon Fitbit’s official announcement.


The Fitbit Luxe 3 is generating excitement among fitness enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts alike. While there is no official release date or price announced, rumors indicate a potential fall 2023 launch window and a price range similar to its predecessor. Speculations about the Luxe 3’s features include a larger screen, extended battery life, advanced health tracking capabilities, and a more premium design. It is crucial to approach these rumors with caution, as they are not confirmed by Fitbit. Nonetheless, they provide an intriguing glimpse into the potential enhancements and innovations we might expect from the Fitbit Luxe 3. Stay tuned for official announcements from Fitbit for more accurate information regarding the Luxe 3’s release date, features, and pricing.


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