Apply For Uppsala University Global Scholarships


Established in 1477, Uppsala University is the oldest and largest research-intensive university in Scandinavia. Its Global Scholarship program aims to attract talented international students seeking impactful education experiences.


Eligibility and Value

Master’s and PhD candidates admitted to Uppsala University from outside the EEA/Switzerland are eligible. Scholarships range from 20,000-50,000 SEK per year and cover half the tuition fees. No application is required separately – Admission itself determines eligibility.

Life in Uppsala

Settled along the Fyris River, Uppsala features a blend of medieval architecture and green spaces. Campus life is diverse with over 100 nations represented. Scholars are immersed in research and over 200 student organizations. Sweden’s progressive policies support work-life balance.

Pioneering Fields of Study

Uppsala is renowned for prestigious programs spanning Arts & Social Sciences to Biotechnology and Space, Earth & Environment. Notable alumni include Carl Linnaeus, an influential botanist and zoologist. Current research helps answer humanity’s most pressing questions.


Pathways to Global Impact

Through networks and internationally-focused degrees, scholars gain skills to solve challenges across disciplinary boundaries. Many go on to leadership roles in diplomatic, entrepreneurial, and multilateral spheres worldwide.

By opening its doors to academic talent globally, Uppsala University upholds centuries of scholarship that have shaped our modern world. The Global Scholarships enrich both recipients and the legacy of pioneering inquiry within its historic walls.

What are some of the specific programs and courses offered at Uppsala University?

Here are some examples of specific programs and courses offered at Uppsala University:

  • Master’s programs in Sustainable Development, Global Health, European Studies, Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science, etc.
  • Ph.D. programs across broad disciplines like Biology, Economics, Law, Psychology, Engineering, Physics, etc.
  • Individual courses/programs through departments like Mathematics, Sociology, Languages, History, Neuroscience, etc.
  • Medical Degree (6 years) with options like Medicine, Odontology (Dentistry).
  • MA/MSc in Environmental Change and Management.
  • MA in Geosciences with specializations in Paleobiology or Climate Change.
  • MSc in Space, Earth, and Environment with focus areas like Earth Science, Physics or Climate Impacts.
  • Master’s in International and European Law.
  • MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management.
  • MA Program in Education with Emphasis on Internationalization.
  • Interdisciplinary programs like MA in Gender Studies, and MA in Philosophy of Science/Technology.
  • Executive MBA, EMBA, and MSc Management courses.
  • Summer/winter schools and semester exchange programs are also available in fields as diverse as Linguistics to Neuroscience.
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Uppsala offers over 600 English-taught programs at all levels across its nine faculties and numerous departments.


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