Apply For Global Minds Doctoral Scholarships Programme at KU Leuven


Global Minds is a leading non-profit based in Denmark that is committed to fostering internationalization and diversity in science. One way it promotes this vision is through the Global Minds Doctoral Scholarship program.

Eligibility and Value

The Global Minds scholarships are open to talented doctoral students across all disciplines who have secured admission to a Ph.D. program at a Danish university. Applicants from all nationalities except Denmark are eligible. The prestigious award covers a monthly stipend of DKK 15,000 for up to 36 months, along with tuition fee support.


Application Process

Applications are accepted once a year with a deadline in early January. Applicants submit their academic transcripts, research proposals, references, and language certificates through the online portal. Selection is primarily based on research potential and personal qualifications. Interviews may be conducted before final decisions in May.

Support Network

In addition to financial aid, scholars receive guidance from Global Minds staff throughout their studies. A supervision committee also monitors progress. Scholarship holders join a multicultural network of peers from over 60 countries, enabling a wealth of mentorship and collaboration opportunities.

Broader Impact

Not only does the scheme help recipients focus full-time on their groundbreaking doctoral work, but it also aids in global knowledge-sharing. Scholars commit to disseminating their findings worldwide post-Ph.D. Many continue advancing diplomacy through research as future leaders in their home nations.

With its holistic backing of international doctoral talent, Global Minds empowers future changemakers who can help solve universal problems through the power of education, innovation, and cross-border relationships. The scholarship is a prestigious entry point for pursuing discovery on a global stage.


The key selection criteria for the Global Minds Doctoral Scholarship include:

  • Academic Merit – The applicant must have excellent academic qualifications and references that demonstrate their potential for doctoral-level research. Grade point average, rankings, publications, and awards are considered.
  • Research Proposal – The proposal is evaluated for its originality, methodological rigor, practical and theoretical relevance, and feasibility within the allotted timeframe.
  • Communication Skills – Applicants must show a high level of written and spoken English skills to study and interact at a Danish university.
  • Reference Letters – Referees should attest to the candidate’s research abilities and work habits based on personal knowledge.
  • Study Plan in Denmark – The intended doctoral program and reasons for choosing Denmark as the host country are taken into account.
  • International Experience – Previous experience living or studying abroad adds diversity value to the group of scholars.
  • Leadership Qualities – Attributes like knowledge sharing, teamwork, cultural agility, and community orientation are favored.
  • Potential Impact – Candidates are assessed for how the research and their future careers may create global impact and collaboration opportunities.
  • Motivation Level – A strong motivation letter clearly presenting career goals enhances the application.

A holistic review ensures top candidates are selected based on both merit and capacity to thrive in the program.


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