Apply For Bristol University Think Big Scholarships


Founded in 1909, the University of Bristol holds a proud legacy as one of the largest and most research-intensive universities in the UK. Its Think Big Scholarship program champions talented international students with bold, innovative ideas.


Eligibility and Awards

All international students offered an unconditional place to study full-time for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Bristol are eligible. Generous scholarships of £5,000-£10,000 per year are on offer based on the idea’s significance and feasibility.

Idea Submission Process

Applicants must submit a 500-word concept outline within their UCAS or postgraduate application by the January deadline. Selected candidates present their ideas to a panel in a virtual interview. Creativity and ambition take priority over previous accomplishments.

Life in Bristol

Bristol’s beautiful harborside campus fosters interdisciplinary collaboration. Scholars gain skills to execute their vision through startup incubation, academic research, conferences, and strategic networking. Bristol consistently ranks highly for quality of student life.


Global Impact Potential

Think Big scholars join a community of innovators destined to pioneer new industries and address humanity’s pressing challenges through their ventures. Many establish partnerships and start successful businesses while furthering Bristol’s spirit of entrepreneurship.

By investing in aspirational individuals with visionary ideas, Bristol University empowers the problem-solvers of tomorrow to drive positive change on a global scale through their bold innovations.

How does Bristol University support its students in executing their innovative ideas?

Here are some of the key ways Bristol University supports its Think Big Scholarship students in executing their innovative ideas:

  • Dedicated startup incubation facilities and mentorship programs provided via Bristol innovation centers.
  • Access to labs, prototyping resources and specialist equipment to test ideas and concepts.
  • Funding opportunities such as proof-of-concept grants to further develop early-stage ventures.
  • Networking events and conferences to collaborate with industry experts, investors and alumni.
  • Entrepreneurship and business skills training through accelerator programs, workshops and courses.
  • Opportunities to connect with academics and researchers for guidance and collaborate on pilots.
  • Career advisors to help secure internships at innovative companies for applied learnings.
  • Access to university resources like libraries and databases to conduct robust market research.
  • Micro-internships and consulting projects with local startups and SMEs for hands-on experience.
  • Participation in pitch competitions and startup challenges for funding, mentorship and exposure.
  • Introductions to angel investment groups and accelerators in UK innovation hubs like Bristol and London.
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This ecosystem empowers scholars to turn concepts into scalable, commercially viable ventures.


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