10 Best Garmin Watch For Running in 2023

If you’re looking for the best Garmin watch for running in 2023, you’ve come to the right place!  These devices have become indispensable tools, offering a wealth of features and insights to enhance training, monitor health, and keep runners motivated on their journey toward achieving their goals. 

In this comprehensive guide, we present the 10 best Garmin watches for running in 2023, equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed decision and find the perfect companion for your running endeavors.


1) Garmin Fenix 8

Garmin Fenix 8


The Garmin Fenix series has been a staple in the running community for years, and the Fenix 8 is poised to be the best yet. With improved GPS accuracy, enhanced battery life, and an updated design, the Fenix 8 is a true upgrade from its predecessor.

One of the standout features of the Fenix 8 is its ability to track a wide range of activities, including running, cycling, swimming, and even skiing. It also has a built-in heart rate monitor, which provides real-time data during workouts.

The Fenix 8’s design is sleek and stylish, with a durable and lightweight body that can withstand even the toughest conditions. The watch also has a full-color display and customizable watch faces, allowing users to personalize their experience.

Other features of the Fenix 8 include advanced performance metrics, such as VO2 max and training load, as well as smart notifications and music controls. And with its long battery life, the Fenix 8 can last up to 12 days in smartwatch mode and up to 48 hours in GPS mode.


Overall, the Garmin Fenix 8 is an excellent choice for serious runners and outdoor enthusiasts who want a watch that can keep up with their active lifestyle. With its advanced features and sleek design, the Fenix 8 is sure to be one of the best Garmin watches for running in 2023.

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2) Garmin Forerunner 965

If you’re a serious runner, then the Garmin Forerunner 965 should be on your list of potential watches. It is anticipated to be released in 2023 and is rumored to be a huge upgrade to the current Forerunner 945 model.

The Forerunner 965 will feature a larger display, longer battery life, and more advanced tracking capabilities. It’s also expected to have a better GPS sensor, making it even more accurate than its predecessor. Additionally, it is said to have a built-in music player, allowing you to leave your phone at home while still being able to enjoy your favorite tunes.

Like all Garmin watches, the Forerunner 965 will come equipped with all the necessary sensors, including heart rate, steps, and sleep. But what makes this watch stand out from the rest is its ability to monitor your running performance in real-time. It will track your pace, distance, cadence, and more, giving you a detailed analysis of your workouts.

One of the most exciting features of the Forerunner 965 is its integration with the Garmin Connect app. This app allows you to analyze your data, track your progress, and connect with other runners. It’s also said to feature personalized coaching programs to help you improve your running performance.

Overall, the Garmin Forerunner 965 is shaping up to be an amazing watch for runners. Its advanced tracking capabilities and personalized coaching programs make it a must-have for serious runners looking to improve their performance. So if you’re in the market for a new watch in 2023, be sure to check out the Forerunner 965.

3) Garmin Enduro

Garmin Enduro

The Garmin Enduro is the ultimate endurance watch designed specifically for long-distance runners. It boasts an incredible battery life of up to 70 hours in GPS mode and up to 200 hours in battery saver mode. 

With advanced training features, it also includes VO2 max, training load, and recovery time to help you optimize your workouts and achieve your goals. Its durable and lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and it even features solar charging capabilities for added convenience. 

With GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo support, you can rest assured that you’ll always have accurate tracking and data. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just want a reliable watch for your daily runs, the Garmin Enduro is a great option.

4) Garmin Venu 3

Garmin Venu 3

If you’re someone who loves running and also enjoys other fitness activities like yoga or cycling, then the Garmin Venu 3 might just be the perfect watch for you. This watch comes with a stunning AMOLED display, making it perfect for reading notifications or checking your heart rate during a workout.

The Venu 3 comes with a ton of fitness features that can help you keep track of your progress and improve your performance. For example, it comes with a built-in GPS that can track your runs accurately, while also monitoring your heart rate, distance covered, and calories burned.

Another great feature of the Venu 3 is that it can track a variety of sports activities, such as yoga, swimming, and cycling. This makes it a versatile watch that you can use for all of your workouts, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Furthermore, the Venu 3 also comes with music playback features that allow you to store and play your favorite songs directly on the watch. This can be incredibly useful during long runs, where you need a bit of motivation to keep going.

Overall, if you’re looking for a watch that can track all of your fitness activities, while also providing music playback features, the Garmin Venu 3 is definitely worth considering.

5) Garmin Instinct 3

Garmin Instinct 3

The Garmin Instinct 3 is the latest addition to the popular Instinct series, and it’s built to cater to the needs of runners. This rugged watch is equipped with a range of features that make it a reliable companion for every run. 

Firstly, the watch has GPS functionality that can track your running routes with high precision. This is further enhanced by GLONASS and Galileo satellite systems that allow for accurate tracking in remote or tricky terrains. Additionally, Instinct 3 has wrist-based heart rate monitoring technology that provides continuous heart rate data during your runs.

One unique feature of the Instinct 3 is its Body Battery feature, which tracks your energy levels throughout the day and lets you know when you’re ready for a run or when it’s time to take a rest. 

The watch also provides insights on sleep patterns, which helps you plan your runs accordingly to ensure that you’re always well-rested and ready to tackle any running challenge.

The Instinct 3 has a long battery life of up to 14 days in smartwatch mode and up to 16 hours in GPS mode, which makes it a reliable choice for long-distance running. 

It’s also water-resistant up to 100 meters, which means you can take it for a swim without any worries.

Other features of the Garmin Instinct 3 include Garmin Coach, which provides personalized coaching for your runs, and Garmin Pay, which allows you to make contactless payments using your watch. It also has a range of activity-tracking modes that include running, cycling, swimming, and more.

6) Garmin Vivoactive 5

Garmin Vivoactive 5

The Garmin Vivoactive 5 is the perfect blend of smartwatch and fitness tracker, making it an ideal choice for runners. It boasts a sleek and stylish design that looks great both on and off the track. This watch comes equipped with GPS, allowing you to track your pace, distance, and route while you run. It also features an easy-to-read color touchscreen that displays all your stats in real-time, making it easy to keep track of your progress.

The Vivoactive 5 has a long battery life that lasts up to 7 days, which is impressive considering its many features. You can also use this watch to monitor your heart rate, stress levels, and even your sleep quality. It also comes with 20 preloaded sports apps, including running, cycling, swimming, and golf, so you can easily switch between activities.

Another great feature of the Vivoactive 5 is its ability to receive notifications from your smartphone. This allows you to stay connected even when you’re on the go, so you never have to miss an important call or message.

 It also has music storage, allowing you to store up to 500 songs, making it the perfect workout companion.

Overall, the Garmin Vivoactive 5 is a great choice for runners who want a stylish and feature-packed smartwatch that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

7) Garmin Approach S62

Garmin Approach S62

For runners who also enjoy playing golf, the Garmin Approach S62 is a must-have watch. This stylish timepiece comes loaded with over 41,000 preloaded golf courses worldwide, giving golfers precise yardage and accurate green distances to make better, more informed decisions on the course.

But that’s not all the Approach S62 offers. Runners will also appreciate the built-in GPS and fitness tracking features, making it a versatile choice for those who like to mix up their workouts.

In terms of design, the Approach S62 is sleek and stylish, with a large 1.3-inch color touchscreen display that is easy to read even in bright sunlight. 

The watch is also water-resistant up to 50 meters, so runners can take it with them for a swim or a shower after their workout.

Other features of the Garmin Approach S62 include the ability to receive notifications from your smartphone, built-in music storage and streaming, and a battery life of up to 20 days in smartwatch mode or up to 14 hours in GPS mode.

Overall, the Garmin Approach S62 is a fantastic option for runners who also enjoy playing golf. With its impressive golf-tracking capabilities and fitness-tracking features, it’s a well-rounded watch that offers something for everyone.

8) Garmin Quatix 7

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities and water sports, the Garmin Quatix 7 is the perfect watch for you. Designed for marine enthusiasts, this watch comes equipped with a range of features that make it perfect for sailing, fishing, and diving. The Quatix 7 boasts a stunning 1.4-inch display, with a resolution of 280 x 280 pixels, and is capable of providing you with all the information you need at a glance.

One of the standout features of the Quatix 7 is its GPS navigation capabilities, which make it ideal for use on the water. The watch comes with preloaded marine charts, so you can easily navigate your way through unfamiliar waters. 

Additionally, the watch is capable of tracking your speed, distance, and time, so you can easily keep track of your progress during your activities.

If you’re a fan of fishing, the Quatix 7 comes equipped with a range of features that will make your life easier. The watch can track the depth of the water you’re fishing in, as well as the temperature, so you can easily identify the best places to fish. 

Additionally, the watch comes with a fishing log, where you can record your catches and the location where you caught them. For those who love to dive, the Quatix 7 is water-resistant up to 100 meters, so you can easily wear it while diving. 

The watch also comes with a dive log, where you can record your dive data, including depth, time, and temperature.

Overall, the Garmin Quatix 7 is a top-of-the-line watch for marine enthusiasts. Whether you’re sailing, fishing, or diving, this watch has everything you need to make the most of your activities.

9) Garmin Marq Athlete

Garmin Marq Athlete

For serious runners, the Garmin Marq Athlete is the perfect choice. This sleek and stylish watch is specifically designed for athletes, with advanced training metrics that are ideal for runners. Its GPS capabilities ensure that you’ll never get lost on your run, and it tracks a wide range of metrics, including VO2 max, lactate threshold, and more.

In addition to its impressive training capabilities, the Garmin Marq Athlete also boasts a range of smartwatch features, such as music playback, contactless payments, and text message notifications. Its high-quality display is easy to read in any lighting conditions, and it is built to withstand even the toughest conditions.

If you’re serious about running and want a watch that can keep up with you, the Garmin Marq Athlete is the perfect choice. With its advanced features and stylish design, it’s a watch that will help you take your training to the next level.

10) Garmin Swim 3

Garmin Swim 3

If you’re looking for a Garmin watch that’s specifically designed for swimming, then the Garmin Swim 3 is the perfect option for you. This watch is designed to track your swim performance accurately, including stroke type, distance, pace, and time. It also has a sleek and comfortable design that makes it easy to wear for extended periods.

One of the standout features of the Garmin Swim 3 is its auto-detect feature. This feature automatically detects when you start swimming, so you don’t have to worry about manually starting or stopping the watch during your swim. This means that you can focus on your swimming and let the watch do the tracking for you.

The Garmin Swim 3 is also designed to work in both pool and open water swims. It uses GPS to track your location, which means that it can track your distance, pace, and time accurately in open water. It also has a built-in accelerometer, which allows it to track your stroke type and distance in the pool.

In addition, to swim tracking, the Garmin Swim 3 also tracks your daily activity, including steps taken, calories burned, and sleep. It also has smartphone notifications, so you can stay connected while you’re swimming.


As we wrap up our exploration of the 10 best Garmin watches for running in 2023, it’s clear that Garmin continues to deliver exceptional devices tailored to meet the unique needs of runners. These watches offer a combination of cutting-edge technology, advanced tracking features, and sleek designs that make them the perfect companions for every runner’s journey.

Whether you’re an avid marathoner, a casual jogger, or a fitness enthusiast, there is a Garmin watch on this list that suits your preferences and requirements. From the high-performance Garmin Forerunner series to the rugged Fenix line and the stylish Venu collection, each watch brings something unique to the table.


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